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  • Available Everywhere
    Ian Guerin's sophmore album 'Irreplaceable'
    is now being featured, rotated or screened
    in over 200 syndicated networks and stations

    "He will be one of the most
    dependable artists of our generation," says
    TK Skinner from Klef Notes on her review of
    Guerin's new album.
  • Irreplaceable
    "Ian Guerin writes songs from the heart...
    or should we say the heartbreak."
    - Hollywood Diggest

    "Ian Guerin is one of the unkwown music
    treasures of RnB." - TRV Countdown

    "His honesty goes beyond all smoke
    and mirrors." - The Hype Magazine
  • Free Time
    As seen on ABC, NBC and FOX TV
    'Free Time' is a song written & performed
    by RnB singer/songwriter, Ian Guerin.

    It was released on June 4, 2019;
    one daybefore its accompanying music video.
    'Free Time' has won four BEAT 100 Awards
    in the U.K. including 3 for best songwriting.
  • For the Holidays
    'For the Holidays' is Ian Guerin's first
    self-penned Christmas song. It was
    released on 15 November 2018.

    As of 2019 the song was included as a Bonus
    Track on Guerin's critically acclaimed
    album 'Irreplaceable.'
    It quickly became a playlist favorite
    and a dinner party classic.
  • Cry
    'Cry' is a song written and performed
    by Ian Guerin; it was the 1st official release
    off of his album 'Irreplaceable'.

    'Cry' was released alongside a music video
    and went on to win 3 awards in the U.K.
    and Guerin's only accolade in the United
    States for 'Best RnB/Soul Song' of the Year.
    It peaked at #31 on the American RnB iTunes
  • Madsexy
    Madsexy is how you wear yourself, it's
    feeling comfortable in your own skin, it's
    being unafraid to stay to true to your beliefs
    and likes. It's feeling sexy for who you are
    and not for what you wear or for what others
    tell you to be. If you wanna be the life of
    the party you gotta feel like the life of the
    party, so get your sexy on & go out there to
    rock the world.
  • Immersion
    Writing at night, for me, is the equivalent
    of going to a shrink, it's therapeutic.
    The only difference is there is no schedule
    & it's free. Music is both my Doctor and
    treatment,once I hear a finished recording
    I recall the events, like in a movie flash,
    and immediately have a better understanding
    of what happened,Understanding is what
    ultimately heals my soul.

Taking over 2020!

10 awards, 2 albums, 3 U.K. #1 singles and a feature film song later, Ian Guerin has become one of the most promising up and coming artists of the new decade. Making it to BuzzFeed's "20 for 20 — Top Music Legends to New-Hard Hitters Shaping Music — List in 2019, Guerin's distinctive personality and sound have earned him spots in some of the most reknown magazines, radio, podcast and TV Shows in the business such as: Good Morning LaLa Land, LA Talk Radio's Sam in the Morning, I Heart Radio, BuzzFeed, Hype Magazine, The Hollywood Digest, Thrive Global, The Ally Attic Show, The Jimmy Star Show, The Big Rich Show, Culture Fuzz, Embrace Your Power Show, Famous and Made, Celebrity Zones, Skope Magazine,The Anything Goes Project with Mike Symonds, The Mike Wagner Show, Authority Magazine and Louder Than War, among many others.


Ian Guerin is currently seeking 3 nominations on the 2020 Independent Music Awards — Best RnB/Soul Song -'Free Time', Best Love Song - 'The Place' and 'Irreplaceable' and Best Holiday Song - For the Holidays. Click on the IMAS LOGO to cast your vote!


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“I will one day see you walking across the stage at the American Music Awards winning awards.” – Ally Anderson, Host of The Ally Attic Show