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  • Free Time
    'Free Time' is a song written & performed
    by R&B singer/songwriter, Ian Guerin.
    It was released on July 27, 2017; one day
    before its accompanying music video.
    Musically, 'Free Time' contains elements of
    Contemporary R&B, R&B/Soul & Blues.
    It's the lead single of Guerin's long-awaited
    second studio album & it is available
    everywhere music is streamed or sold.
  • For The Holidays
    "For the Holidays" is Ian Guerin's first
    self-penned Christmas song. It was
    released on iTunes & Spotify 10.11.2016
    and everywhere else on November 11.
    "For the Holidays" was produced, mixed &
    mastered by Ian's longtime collaborator
    Azhmir Vangort at Vangort Soundworks
    in late October 2016; it was written by
    Ian Guerin and musically it contains elements
    of R&B, Pop & Holiday music.
  • The New Single
    Cry peaked at #31 of the iTunes RnB Chart
    of New Releases in the USA. It also
    peaked at #7 on the U.K. Beat 100 World Chart,
    at #5 on its Original songs Chart and at #1
    on its RnB Chart.
    Cry has WON 3 BEAT 100 Awards including
    Video with Good Production Values.
    Watch the official video on VEVO and
    Get or stream the single Available Everywhere.
  • Pop Truth
    People say pop music is plastic,
    but they don´t realize pop music is filled
    with great advice & stories, all hidden behind
    catchy hooks & upbeat music. All these messages
    are always sitting there waiting for someone
    to discover them while singing.
    I am one who knows all the lyrics by heart.
  • MadSexy
    Madsexy is how you wear yourself, it's
    feeling comfortable in your own skin, it's
    being unafraid to stay to true to your beliefs
    and likes. It's feeling sexy for who you are
    and not for what you wear or for what others
    tell you to be. If you wanna be the life of
    the party you gotta feel like the life of the
    party, so get your sexy on & go out there to
    rock the world.
  • Immersion
    Writing at night, for me, is the equivalent
    of going to a shrink, it's therapeutic.
    The only difference is there is no schedule
    & it's free. Music is both my Doctor and
    treatment,once I hear a finished recording
    I recall the events, like in a movie flash,
    and immediately have a better understanding
    of what happened,Understanding is what
    ultimately heals my soul.
  • The Light
    In my darkest hours, I lay my feelings and
    impressions in a song, and somehow just
    letting them out,gives me a sense of relief
    and solace. Like I said in 1 of my latest
    songs, "we all need that talk that heals
    with the ilusion of somehow change things
    that have yet no solution, we all need the
    light the tunnel babe." for me, that moment
    of introspection is the light.
  • Where can you find me?
    All the music available now can be
    streamed on services such as Spotify, Deezer,
    I Heart Radio, Shazam, Rdio, 7digital & many more!
    All you have to do is type my name in the browser
    & voilà. You can purchase my music on iTunes,
    Amazon Mp3, Google Play, Xbox Music & more.
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This is... MadSexy

Madsexy, Ian Guerin  Madsexy - Ian Guerin  

Madsexy is the debut studio album by Mexican pop singer/songwriter Ian Guerin. It was released on August 29, 2012. 


Ian had been recording demos for several years before he started recording the album in 2010. To bring his vision to life Ian worked with a variety of producers such as Azhmir Vangort, Jacobo Martinez and Iulius Zarate Lara.

Although  Madsexy    was mainly recorded at Vangort Soundworks, & produced by Azhmir Vangort, tracks “Forever Rose” & “Toast to the Good Times” were not. Instead, the first was produced & recorded at Cuarto Armónico by Jacobo Martinez & the second was produced at Cuarto Armónico by Jacobo Martinez & recorded at Zalive Studios by Iulius Zarate Lara.

Three singles from the album were released prior to its arrival. Its first single "Bubblegum” was released on August 27th, 2010. It became Ian’s first hit peaking at #20 on Reverbnation’s International Chart & became a fan favorite on I Heart Radio. It also gathered over 4000 plays on the now un existent iSound.com. "Bubblegum” remains one of the singer’s most emblematic songs to date.

The album's second single "I Heart" was released on December 15, 2010, to similar success. It is Ian’s top selling songs; doing well even in countries like Indonesia. It is also known as one of the singer’s signature tracks, along with bubblegum, & his top stream on the German, U.K. & U.S.A. Spotify.

Please note: Both singles had an accompanying music video & served as attention seekers for Ian to gain more fans and have heads turning on his musical venture.

Madsexy was the third official delivery & lead single to the album. It was released on June 20, 2012, along with its music video. With over 34,000 hits on youtube, “Madsexy” has been reviewed as “Guerin’s strongest, most, appealing song to date.” "Madsexy"was also Guerin’s debut single on Spotify & Deezer, & though the single version has since been removed, the album version remains a top stream.

On June 17th 2013 "New V.I.P." was released as the album’s fourth single & first after the LP’s official release. Although, "New V.I.P." did not have an accompanying music video, or an audio on Youtube, it is one of Guerin’s top 5 Streams on Deezer & a Spotify fan favorite in U.K. México & Germany. It is also very popular on Rdio, 7Digital, Shazam searches & Guerin’s only popular song on Xbox Music.

The album includes a total of nine tracks, all written by Ian, that go from up beat club bangers to powerful heart touching ballads. The tracklist is accommodated in perfect narrative.

Lyrically, the album is a ride through the highs & lows of love; it is a fun, healing, and danceable audio experience with a clear path to break up superation.

Set to be his most flamboyant presentation card to the entertainment world, Guerin’s first LP will thrill you start to end.

Get ready to take a 35 minute pop rollercoaster that will, for sure, leave you feeling madsexy and ready to rock the world like you own it.