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  • Available Everywhere
    Ian Guerin's sophmore album 'Irreplaceable'
    is now being featured, rotated or screened
    in over 200 syndicated networks and stations

    "He will be one of the most
    dependable artists of our generation," says
    TK Skinner from Klef Notes on her review of
    Guerin's new album.
  • Irreplaceable
    "Ian Guerin writes songs from the heart...
    or should we say the heartbreak."
    - Hollywood Diggest

    "Ian Guerin is one of the unkwown music
    treasures of RnB." - TRV Countdown

    "His honesty goes beyond all smoke
    and mirrors." - The Hype Magazine
  • Free Time
    As seen on ABC, NBC and FOX TV
    'Free Time' is a song written & performed
    by RnB singer/songwriter, Ian Guerin.

    It was released on June 4, 2019;
    one daybefore its accompanying music video.
    'Free Time' has won four BEAT 100 Awards
    in the U.K. including 3 for best songwriting.
  • For the Holidays
    'For the Holidays' is Ian Guerin's first
    self-penned Christmas song. It was
    released on 15 November 2018.

    As of 2019 the song was included as a Bonus
    Track on Guerin's critically acclaimed
    album 'Irreplaceable.'
    It quickly became a playlist favorite
    and a dinner party classic.
  • Cry
    'Cry' is a song written and performed
    by Ian Guerin; it was the 1st official release
    off of his album 'Irreplaceable'.

    'Cry' was released alongside a music video
    and went on to win 3 awards in the U.K.
    and Guerin's only accolade in the United
    States for 'Best RnB/Soul Song' of the Year.
    It peaked at #31 on the American RnB iTunes
  • Madsexy
    Madsexy is how you wear yourself, it's
    feeling comfortable in your own skin, it's
    being unafraid to stay to true to your beliefs
    and likes. It's feeling sexy for who you are
    and not for what you wear or for what others
    tell you to be. If you wanna be the life of
    the party you gotta feel like the life of the
    party, so get your sexy on & go out there to
    rock the world.
  • Immersion
    Writing at night, for me, is the equivalent
    of going to a shrink, it's therapeutic.
    The only difference is there is no schedule
    & it's free. Music is both my Doctor and
    treatment,once I hear a finished recording
    I recall the events, like in a movie flash,
    and immediately have a better understanding
    of what happened,Understanding is what
    ultimately heals my soul.

Ian Guerin: The Whole Story

Ian Guerin is an independent recording artist, songwriter and producer that has been doing music since the age of 9—his music has been showcased on NBC, ABC Network, Fox TV and Digital Journal, among others. Ian Guerin has come a long way since the recording of his first and second covers demos titled 'One' and 'Magical Me' respectively.

10 awards, two albums, 3 UK #1 singles, a feature film theme song — and a handful of critical acclaim later — Ian Guerin has become a force to be reckoned with in the world of entertainment.

“He's got this innate vibe that, when the light comes on in a room there he is, but he's no cookie-cutter, he tells it like it is.” – Actress, model, host extraordinaire, Sherry Nelson (Movie Reviews and More.)


Ian first performed live at age 13 when he sang Ozzy Osbourne’s 'Crazy Train' at his elementary school’s talent show. Said performance was followed by one of Michael Jackson's 'Black or White,' 'Billie Jean,' and a 'The Way You Make Me Feel and Beat It' medley the following years.

“I'm very excited for his future, I'm very excited for people to experience his light and to experience his music; I'm astounded by his work ethic,” said Rissa Marie from Culture Fuzz.


Ian recorded a Michael Jackson tribute demo titled 'Revenge' during his junior year in highschool. The album was different to the previous in the sense that it contained all Jackson material, as well as Ian's first self-penned offering 'Just One Chance,' which was subsequently released to streaming services and later removed. Furthermore, only one of Guerin's cover songs from those first three demo album's is currently available online, while later covers of 'Kissing a Fool', 'Walking in Memphis', 'I Look to You', and even 'Let It Snow' and 'Jingle Bell Rock', can be found on Youtube.


“I never was one for school. I completely lost interest in it after my 'Crazy Train' performance; I figured it worked for some, but it wasn't for me; I was never into it again.” - Ian Guerin

From 2009 to 2012 Ian recorded more than two dozen demos in his home studio. He also produced an instrumental album called 'Spin that S**t,' and remixed more than fifteen famous songs, all to which he added self-penned rap verses. Some of the all new songs he wrote during that time are: 'Innocence,' 'Black Dress,' 'Mirage,' 'No Love In Valentine' and 'Fake Love'—which years later morphed into the title track of his album 'Irreplaceable.'

“There are lines I never forget and that “Fake Loves” hook was one of them. I was 14 when I wrote it and years later it proved itself worth; no wonder universal timing is always perfect.” - Ian Guerin

Ian stepped into the music scene professionally in 2010 with the release of his debut single 'Bubblegum' on August 27.

'Bubblegum' was well received by fans and friends and remixed by rapper DBXXL in the 'Eass, Eass, Eass Remix' available on Youtube.

The second single of his debut album, 'I Heart' was released alongside its music video on June 11, 2012. It was Ian's first song to have an official video, even though he had shot one for 'Bubblegum' as well. Please note the unreleased 'Bubblegum' video is available on alternate channels on Youtube.

On June 20, 2012 the title track of Ian's upcoming debut album was released as a lead single alongside its accompanying music video.

His debut album 'Madsexy' was released on August 29, 2012. The album spanned four singles; the aforementioned, plus the funk-pop song 'New V.I.P.' which was released on June 17, 2013.

In the summer of 2014 Ian opened his Vevo channel and crossed over from Pop to RnB. However, 'Pop This Jam' (Hip Hop Version), the collaboration between Ian and Australian producers Phat Records, was released on October 21st, 2014 via the alternate Youtube channel Ian Guerin OFF Vevo Channel.

'Pop This Jam' (Hip Hop Version) WON a BEAT 100 UK Silver Song Award for "Best Written Original Song" and a Press Award upon release.

On December 12 it made its American Radio Debut on WGTSDB's The Gud Tymez Show. Due to its success, it also spanned a remix called 'Jam' (Forever).

On February 2015, 'Pop This Jam' (Hip Hop Version) topped the BEAT 100 UK World Chart (1 week), the RnB/Hip Hop Chart (3 weeks) and the Original Songs Chart (1 week.)

On June 22, 2015 the release of Ian’s single 'Cry' was followed by sales success in the USA—it debuted near the Top 40 of the RnB/Soul iTunes Chart according to theartofmix.com and itopchart.com and to stellar reviews of its Music Video.

'Cry' peaked at #31 on the RnB/Soul New Releases Chart on iTunes USA and has been featured as “Track of the Week” on Musician Weekly and Best Damn Music. It also opened magazine feature opportunities for the singer on RnB/Rap Digital Mag. and Artistrack Magazine, among others.

Upon release 'Cry' went on to win three BEAT 100 UK Awards:
1• A&R SILVER SONG AWARD, Awarded to the Best Written Original Songs
1• A&R SILVER VIDEO AWARD, Awarded to High Quality Original Videos with Good Production Values
1• Best Promotion Award, Awarded to the song with most social media presence.

'Cry' also went on to Top the Sing Rush USA RnB Chart for the week ending July 10, 2015 and the RnB BEAT 100 Chart. On Top 40 charts in the UK 'Cry' also performed well peaking at #7 on the BEAT 100 World Chart and at #5 on its Original Songs Chart.

It also made its American radio debut on Tuesday July 21, 2015 on WGTS-DB’s The Gud Tymez Show, and was later served to select AC and RnB/Soul stations nationwide and in the United Kingdom. In December 15, 2015, 'Cry' WON Best RnB/Soul Song of the Year at the Akademia Awards.

About the win the Judging panel wrote:

'With a glorious 90's-style vocal aesthetic and classical piano runs, Ian Guerin's ''Cry'' asks the musical question: How much can one man hurt on account of his unrequited love?'


On July 27 2017, the singer announced he was halfway through recording his sophomore album and that, unlike 'Madsexy', it would primarily focus on Neo Soul, RnB and Adult Contemporary music.

Furthermore, he announced the release of its lead single 'Free Time', which dropped alongside its accompanying music video on Vevo. 'Free Time' quickly became his best opening ever and his top song in digital stores and streaming services.

On the week starting July 31 'Free Time' was awarded four accolades by the BEAT 100 UK A&R team:
1• A&R GOLDEN SONG AWARD, Awarded to Best Written Original Songs
1• A&R SILVER SONG AWARD, Awarded to Best Written Original Songs
1• A&R BRONZE SONG AWARD, Awarded to Best Written Original Songs
1• GOLDEN FAVOURITE A&R AWARD, Awarded for being one of the BEAT 100 A&R team’s favourite videos.

'Free Time' topped the BEAT 100 World Chart, Original Songs Chart and RnB Chart on the week ending August 14, 2017 and was picked up by select radio stations in Mexico, Canada and the United Kingdom. 'Free Time' also peaked at #12 on Reverbnation’s RnB/Soul Chart for the Los Angeles area on July 2019.

Previous to its release in the United States 'Free Time' was first performed live on Ian's Real Man Concert Series which was part of the Caribbean touring festival Cruzando Fronteras on May 2017. 'Free Time' was released in the United States on June 4, 2019. About the song The World News Network said:

“Think of your most romantic Barry White moment, then add a twist of modern retro Mark Ronson style production and an extremely talented white artist with a Bruno Mars-esque vocal, that will give you just a taste of how retro-fabulous the single ‘Free Time’ by Ian Guerin is.”

On March 23, 2018 Ian Guerin released his first ever feature film theme song called 'Gracias Por Ser Mi Amigo'. Unlike his previous releases, the Spanish-sung track was not written or produced by Guerin. Instead, it was written by Mexican singer, songwriter Jose Gerardo. The movie of the same name premiered nationwide one week after the release of the song to moderate success.


On May 25, 2018 Ian Guerin released a new song from his upcoming album called 'A Different Affair'. Upon release 'A Different Affair' received rave reviews. Roger Jansen from Jansen’s Jamz Blog from the UK stated:

“The third taster of his forthcoming sophomore album is driven by a retro-disco beat and 70s-style violins. With plucky guitars, vibrant hand-claps and an infectious hook teasing the senses, his luscious, soul-dripping RnB vocals add a more contemporary layer to the vintage vibe of the instrumentation. It’s an exhilarating, polished and zesty disco/soul tune, which sounds ear-poppingly refreshing.”

Though 'Affair' was not considered a formal single, it was promoted as such and sent to radio stations in various countries quickly becoming one of Guerin’s most critically acclaimed song to date.

On September 14, 2018 the Affair singer dropped yet another single called 'Roll the Dice'. The single was released alongside its accompanying music video to rave reviews by critics and fans. The fourth cut from parent album 'Irreplaceable', 'Roll the Dice' contains elements of 70’s disco music, RnB, Pop and Funk music; it was written by Guerin and produced by Azhmir Vangort. About 'Dice', New Jersey based-blog Come Here Floyd said:

“Easy, fun, and more fun. The lyrics put on top of the way Ian’s vocals come to play on the tracks, make it playful and serious at the same time. When you put that along a layer of a music video like ‘Roll The Dice’, then you get easy accessibility to Ian’s sense of music, focus, and indomitable will for what pop is to him.”

‘Roll the Dice’ was Ian’s first song to be featured on a Spotify Editorial Playlist and his first song to have both an official music video and a lyric video; the first directed by Mar Guerin, and released via Ian Guerin Vevo, and the second created by Guillermo Guerin and released via IAN GUERIN OFF Vevo CHANNEL.

On November 15, 2018 Ian released his first self-penned Holiday single called 'For the Holidays'. It was written by Ian Guerin and produced by his long-time collaborator, Azhmir Vangort; it musically it contains elements of RnB, Pop, Gospel and Holiday music.

‘For the Holidays’ was released in single format but also appears as a bonus track on Ian's 2019 sophomore studio album 'Irreplaceable.'

‘Holidays’ has gained worldwide acclaim—and has been featured on numerous publications including: The Hollywoood Digest, Daily Dose Report, The New York Weekly Times, The Hype Magazine, Hollywood Entertainment, Thrive Global and many more.

“It’s crazy how a few minutes of a song like that can change your whole mood.” – Bounce Ball Boogie | Host, Musician and Entertainment Extraordinaire.

On March 22, 2019 Ian Guerin released his highly anticipated second studio album 'Irreplaceable' via Streetwalker Entertainment. Musically, 'Irreplaceable' features sounds from a range of genres such as: RnB, soul, gospel, adult contemporary, pop, and funk.

For this record, Guerin worked with longtime collaborator Azhmir Vangort on all tracks except the remixes. Ian Guerin solely penned all the tracks except the rap included in the ‘Roll the Dice – G X M B LE Remix’. 

'Irreplaceable' debuted at #23 on the Brazilian iTunes Chart and houses two of Ian’s three UK #1 singles. It has been promoted on over 100 shows across the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom and has been streamed over half a million times.

“I would say that 'Irreplaceable' is the best retro-soul record I've heard in a while, but “retro” would feel too much like pigeonholing Mr. Guerin. This is an album where a classic streak and a millennial sensibility work hand in hand.” – Edmund Baker | Indie Pulse Magazine

On August 16, 2019 Ian Guerin attended the premiere of relief single 'Si Todos Nos Amamos' in Mexico City. The event was held at Pepsi Center Arena & the song included performances by Guerin as well as: Mauricio Islas, Gaby Albo, Emma Escalante, Elena Morínez, Alex Sánchez, Jairo Calderón, María Jimena, Maru Chirinos & José Gerardo, among others. It was written and produced by singer, songwriter José Gerardo.

'Si Todos Nos Amamos' premiered alongside it's music video during the event, which was hosted by Mexican actress Vanessa Bauche.


Despite the pandemic, thanks to the release of 'Irreplaceable' Ian Guerin had the best year of his career in 2020.

Ally's Attic Show, Meet Me for Coffee, Sunday Night Army, The Belinda Show, The Real Deal, The Pamela Roxanne Show, If These Walls Could Talk, The Anything Goes Project, The Mad Luh Show, Radio Memphis, The Tattness Show, Move Reviews and More, The Heavy Weight Chumps, The Big Rich and Kim Aston Experience, That Dorkey Show, Suck It Podcast, The Xander Effect, Pink Cloud 9, The Shevyn Show, Spotlight TV, The Sparkle Show, Sprinkled with Hope Podcast, Leo Affects Podcast, TRV Countdown, Smoked Meat Podcast, ESPTV7, The Mike Wagner Show, Deeper Than Music, Embrace Your Power Podcast, Chance TV, Song of the Week Down Under, The Adventures of Pipeman, Somewhere In Vegas, Fat Cat Radio Fcr247, Sulavon's Sheshed on Women's TV, The Jimmy Star Show, Good Morning La La Land and Sam in the Morning, are among the many shows where the artist has stopped by to talk about his music.

Also, on June 26, 2020 Ian Guerin performed a rendition of Christina Aguilera's 'Beautiful' during The Get In for The Ali Forney Center in New York City. The event was in aid of the LGBTQ Homeless Youth affected Covid-19. The show was broadcasted online.

Ian Guerin has also appeared on magazines and sites like: Medium, Thrive Global, Blazing Minds UK, Fame Magazine UK, News Break, Orange Magazine (AU), Buzzfeed's 20 Artists to Watch in 2020 List, My Sound Music, Celebrity Zones, 10X Magazine, Famous and Made, Daily Dose Report, The Hollywood Digest, NY Weekly, plus many more.

On August 29, 2020 Ian had the opportunity to perform on Spotlight TV's Online Concert. During that event Ian performed a set that included a cover of 'My Girl' by Motown group The Temptations, his self-penned fan-favorite 'Feature In Your Life' and his hit single 'Cry'.

In September 2020 Ian Guerin also performed two sets on Australian Online Show 'Song of the Week', where he performed 'Cry', 'A Different Affair', the Creedence Clearwater Revival cover 'Have You Ever Seen the Rain' and the title track of his album 'Irreplaceable' for the very first time.

On October 9, 2020 'Chapter II' was released as the 4th official single from 'Irreplaceable' alongside its music video.

Considered a liberation anthem by his fans, 'Chapter II' appeared in a variety of publications and shows with the New York Weekly calling it: “one of Ian’s most commercially appealing and autobiographical songs.”

Famous and Made Magazine said about 'Chapter II':

“The lesson to be learned from this song is to empower yourself to try again.”

Furthermore, Levi Colston from Celebrity Zones pointed out 'Chapter II' “openly tells the story of Ian's sorrow.”

On November 24, 2020 Ian got to join an all-star line up during the Let Me Help Free Virtual Concert in aid of the Let Me Help and Creative Visions Foundations. The event was presented by Soho Johnny and included performances and messages by the likes of: Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne, Sir Patrick Stewart, Kenny Aronoff, Steve Vai, Charlie Sheen, Slash, Suzi Quatro, Sister Sledge, Julian Lennon, Ten Years After, Cece Peniston, Jane Lynch and many more.

For that concert Guerin presented a medley called 'The Irreplaceable Medley', which included shortened versions of his songs: 'Free Time', 'Irreplaceable' and 'Chapter II'.

Due to the fact that the show was broadcasted on Eastern Time, many of Ian's fans from overseas missed it so he released it on his Vevo Channel on December 9, 2020 for everyone to see.

On February 14, 2021 Ian released the music video for the song 'Irreplaceable' on Vevo as a gift to fans.

On March 21, 2021 he released the single 'Our Day Will Come' alongside Alabama rapper AJ Ric. The song was picked up by editorial playlists on Spotify and was well received by critics and fans.

Ian Guerin is a music addict and a Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, Prince and Tony Bennett die-hard fan with a taste for RnB, Pop, Big Band, Jazz, Blues, Country, Hip Hop, and Swing music. He likes both singing his own songs as well as those of others. He enjoys dancing, writing songs, exploring the human mind, meditating, reading, watching documentaries, and would've liked to be an FBI investigator if he hadn't gone into music.

“All the things I like converge in one common place and that is that I like doing them alone. I know a lot of people that I like, but I have few friends, I’m very sociable and get along well with almost everybody I come across, but the relationships I treasure, work on and follow-up on the most are those with myself, my closer family, my girl (if there is one) and my inner circle of friends. Listening to music and making it takes up most of my time”. - Ian Guerin

The Quotes on Ian Guerin

“He is flying, he's on the right track. I'm gonna see him walking across the American Music Awards accepting awards. I'm gushing and fan-girling.” – Ally Anderson | Ally's Attic Show

“Ian Guerin is one of the unknown music treasures in the world of RnB.” – TRV Countdown

“His honesty goes beyond all smoke and mirrors. He tells the truth no matter how much it hurts.” – The Hype Magazine

“Ian Guerin writes songs from the heart…or should we say the heartbreak.” – The Hollywood Digest

“He will be one of the most dependable hit makers of our generation.” – Klef Notes

“It is easy to figure out his life through his songs as he seems to keep nothing a secret.” – Daily Pop News

“He’s definitely an artist mums and girls will fall in love with.” –Reyt Good Music Magazine UK

“Ian Guerin is a machine. He pumps out his fun singles like it’s just a daily slice of life.” – Come Here Floyd Blog