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  • Free Time
    'Free Time' is a song written & performed
    by R&B singer/songwriter, Ian Guerin.
    It was released on July 27, 2017; one day
    before its accompanying music video.
    Musically, 'Free Time' contains elements of
    Contemporary R&B, R&B/Soul & Blues.
    It's the lead single of Guerin's long-awaited
    second studio album & it is available
    everywhere music is streamed or sold.
  • For The Holidays
    "For the Holidays" is Ian Guerin's first
    self-penned Christmas song. It was
    released on iTunes & Spotify 10.11.2016
    and everywhere else on November 11.
    "For the Holidays" was produced, mixed &
    mastered by Ian's longtime collaborator
    Azhmir Vangort at Vangort Soundworks
    in late October 2016; it was written by
    Ian Guerin and musically it contains elements
    of R&B, Pop & Holiday music.
  • The New Single
    Cry peaked at #31 of the iTunes RnB Chart
    of New Releases in the USA. It also
    peaked at #7 on the U.K. Beat 100 World Chart,
    at #5 on its Original songs Chart and at #1
    on its RnB Chart.
    Cry has WON 3 BEAT 100 Awards including
    Video with Good Production Values.
    Watch the official video on VEVO and
    Get or stream the single Available Everywhere.
  • Pop Truth
    People say pop music is plastic,
    but they don´t realize pop music is filled
    with great advice & stories, all hidden behind
    catchy hooks & upbeat music. All these messages
    are always sitting there waiting for someone
    to discover them while singing.
    I am one who knows all the lyrics by heart.
  • MadSexy
    Madsexy is how you wear yourself, it's
    feeling comfortable in your own skin, it's
    being unafraid to stay to true to your beliefs
    and likes. It's feeling sexy for who you are
    and not for what you wear or for what others
    tell you to be. If you wanna be the life of
    the party you gotta feel like the life of the
    party, so get your sexy on & go out there to
    rock the world.
  • Immersion
    Writing at night, for me, is the equivalent
    of going to a shrink, it's therapeutic.
    The only difference is there is no schedule
    & it's free. Music is both my Doctor and
    treatment,once I hear a finished recording
    I recall the events, like in a movie flash,
    and immediately have a better understanding
    of what happened,Understanding is what
    ultimately heals my soul.
  • The Light
    In my darkest hours, I lay my feelings and
    impressions in a song, and somehow just
    letting them out,gives me a sense of relief
    and solace. Like I said in 1 of my latest
    songs, "we all need that talk that heals
    with the ilusion of somehow change things
    that have yet no solution, we all need the
    light the tunnel babe." for me, that moment
    of introspection is the light.
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Ian Guerin Today: His Sound, His View & The Reviews

By: Lewis Bailey



From the moment Ian Guerin first walked into a recording booth, a few days after his 9th birthday, he knew he had been born to sing and he was going to do that for the rest of his life.

Over a decade, an album, and a handful of singles later, to let his fans know more about him [both as a person and as an emerging music personality] the singer/songwriter, 25, gave a series of magazine and radio interviews, where he spoke about his musical taste, his personal inspirations and his influences on his current sound.

Ian made a successful crossover to R&B in 2014 and 2015, and he holds all the artists he likes [over 50 just in a quick recollection] as well as the many great songs of yesterday, today and forever, accountable for it. In his own words:

“I found myself wanting to sing covers of other artists, more than my own songs. I noticed I alienated my own records cause I didn’t find them vocally challenging and emotionally close to me. Then I recalled I’d filed tons of demos I’d gifted to the girls I liked over the years and I actually liked singing them in private and they were so very soulful, so I figured I might as well do those tracks. Not that the songs in my debut album weren’t real life stories, but it was the feel and way of these tracks that really did it for me, so I went for it, after all, if I was going to crossover, this was the moment. I love great pop records and artists, a good pop song is always exciting to me, but when it comes to my persona and my music I think my current sound is where I belong, at least for now; I don’t like to think my music and emotions live under the constraints of a specific genre.”

When it comes to his latest release “Cry” Ian says it is fresh and deep enough to be up there with the hits of today, and adds it has a mature timeless element, that makes it good for audiences of all ages and exempts it from a near expiration date.

“I like all good music, I stay updated with the music of today, the Top 40 hits, the Country hits, the R&B hits, Pop Hits and the Hip Hop hits, to name a few, so I feel “Cry” is strong enough to be among all other Top 40’s. After all “hits” are not defined by their genre, but by the affinity and attachment one develops towards them, so I do see me and it up there with the greatest and its embracement and reviews prove it. I’m also grateful my demographics have expanded the way they have thanks to “Cry” cause I want my songs to appeal to everyone, they’re not crafted for a certain niche as much as they’re written for everyone to relate to.”

As far as reviews go “Cry” has gotten mainly favorable reviews with an average of 5.9 in a scale of 1 to 10 and 58% out of the 65% success rate needed to chart on the Top 40. However, chart performance for the song has been favorable; “Cry” has peaked atop them or on the Top 40, Top 10 and Top 5 of the charts where it has appeared. *Charts include BEAT 100 UK; Sing Rush and iTunes USA R&B, among others.

With one reviewer stating "his voice has a lot of emotion and you can really tell the lyrics mean something to him" and another saying "this artist is definitely going places" it is Ian who says the song is “as true as a song can get.”

“I wrote it out of heartbreak and you can hear me say it blatantly. I always looked at the sun shining through my bedroom window on Sundays and figured, heck if she was only willing and available, I’d love to lunch with her today. I’m a hopeless romantic, when I fall in love, I fall maybe deeper than one should.”

UP NEXT: Reviews from music experts and fans, rated by them on a scale from 1 to 10, will give you a wider perspective on how #1 Hit “CRY” has been received in today’s musical stratosphere. You’ll read the best and worst [Ian keeps nothing from his fans]; however, remember you and your close ones are the bests judges so don’t forget to leave your impressions on Ian’s social media outlets and share!
*The following reviews have been compilated by Track Smart.

Rating: 10
The intro is a slow sounding beat with a low voice. The vocals are weird sounding but the lyrics are pretty understandable. His voice also has a lot of emotion. You can tell the lyrics mean something to him. The lyrics sound like he worked hard on putting the words together and making sure that they sounded right together.

Rating: 10

I really love this song, the lyrics are amazing, I am going to recommend this song to my friends and family. The artist should really consider making a lot more songs like this because this one was amazing. I am going to enjoy listening to more of his songs.

Rating: 10

The use of overlapping vocals makes this track interesting and automatically makes it different and appealing to the listener. The backing music compliments the voices nicely and adds to the overall feel of the song as well as creating a catchy track. This song would go to number one in the charts.

Rating: 10

The intro to this song is really jazzy; it has amazing beats. I love the clicks and I really like the kick it has a good sub bass. The vocals are light and are really pop; it sticks to my head, the structure is really good, I like it so much.

Rating: 10
I enjoyed the intro to the song. It had a great jazz feel to it. This song reminds me of classic R&B. The chorus in the background was a great feature to include. It added more volume to the song. The lyrics were simple, but memorable and sweet. I would love to listen to this song on repeat. It is so adorable! The artist hits so many notes and has amazing vocals!

Rating: 10
Gentle piano introduction is simple yet effective. Vocals are both euphoric and emotion evoking to the listener. Simple use of the clapping effect compliments the lyrics greatly. Move to a more upbeat rhythm is very welcome. Melody is powerful and innovative. Harmony is perfect. This song requires little to none improvement.

Rating: 10
This song has a very soulful sultry sound to it as it enters. The piano, drums and finger snaps sound very natural. The artist has a smooth and very jazzy voice that softly tells his story and explanation. This song is very great! I would love to listen to more of this artist!

Rating: 10
Uuuh is what unfolds the song in a perfect way. It may seem as if the calm part flies away shortly after there's the high moment, but it is actually a moment of the greatest relaxing period of time in this song. Those lyrics are as if they'd been made just to sing along to them.

Rating: 9
I like the artist voice a lot; he has such a high pitch voice, and people who have that type of voice usually give me an headache, but he didn't he can actually sing and made me enjoy what he was saying. His lyrics are also good, he put together this song very well, which made it such an amazing song overall great job!

Rating: 8
This song starts out with some lovely crooning and piano before a man begins singing. This song has a soulful vibe to it, and the piano really compliments it well. Halfway through, the tempo picks up, and the vocals become more urgent, with some interesting minor piano chords thrown in for a surprise. This song is very interesting musically, with a gospel-like edge.

Rating: 8
I think that your vocals are really edgy and melodic. I love how you sing in a rhythmic way. I think that your vocals remind me of Boyz II Men. The melody of the song is very complimenting to the tone and mood of the song. I love how vulnerable and high pitched his voice gets. The lyrics talk about a broken heart, which is so easy to relate to.

Rating: 8
I don't really enjoy this song. The tempo is very cool and that doesn't work well with the lyrics of the song. The song could use improvement like a faster tempo and better dynamics. The dynamics that should be added are a forte piano at some points and maybe a meso forte.

Rating: 8
A nice piano introduction, leads the song into some harmonious vocals. Male singer is rhythmic, tuneful and very soulful. There are background singers who enhance his range. I love how it blends; lyrics are lovely, attractive and really uplifting. Musically this is quite attractive. I think adults will appreciate this piece overall. It just has that style that is a love song. He is powerful in his range and I love every bit of the song. Props!

Rating: 8
The introduction was beautiful and very peaceful. The voice is definitely unique, but also out of tune. The song is very unique and creative. The lyrics are a little awkward, but they have a very positive message. The instruments are very balanced and rich and they sound great together. Overall this song is very thought provoking.

Rating: 8
I like the beat and vibe to this song. It has a nice tempo that makes you want to clap and sing a long to. The singers voice is very unique. It is so close to being heard as whiny but it also brings a wide range of notes that he can hit which is very impressive. I also like the story that he is telling.

Rating: 8
There is a bit of a gospel quality to this track, especially with the background chorus. The lead vocals are excellent and they have a bit of a Stevie Wonder feel to them. The music has a very soulful jazz influenced type of sound. I like the lyrics and there is a quiet intensity to the track as a whole. It is also pretty well produced.


Rating: 7
This singer has a great vocal capacity. His vocal range is amazing and the tone of his voice sounds really good too! His lyrics are very refreshing because he is singing about real life events. This song is a hit for sure. I love the tone and melody to his voice because it sounds so soulful. Love this song because of the tone!

Rating: 7
This track is classical, and I expect to see it at a concert, or a fancy restaurant. The hook has decent quality, and average tempo speed of walking pace. The rhythm is the normal thumping. Bass is not needed for this song to be good.

Rating: 7
The lyrics and musical arrangement is good. However I feel that the voice is somewhat off putting, there are parts where you go flat and off key a little! Honestly just a little though, not drastic at all. I think some vocal lessons could help turn him into an amazing singer, because I see great potential in him! Keep singing and making music! 7/10.

Rating: 7
The song starts out sounding pretty deep and emotional. The vocals sound a bit inconsistent although they do carry a pretty strong feeling. The lyrics are pretty original and help set the emotional tune the song carries. The instrumental is pretty catchy and makes me want to snap my fingers. I could see some potential for this song because of how natural everything sounds.

Rating: 7
The song could be good, the singer sounds like he is trying to yell over the music and keeps singing higher than he needs to. Other than that the song is pretty decent. The production needs a little work so that the artist isn't drowned out. Also the singer needs to open his mouth more to get words out, it is very hard to hear actual words sometimes.

Rating: 7
I like the singer that sings soft in the beginning, and then they later get a little louder and start the song. The piano goes well with the singer and has a nice part. The clapping sounds and the background singers are also sounding cool. The singers voice is good to and sounds a little like Michael Jackson, which is really cool.

Rating: 7
When this song first starts you do not know what to expect. When the singer comes on it surprises you. The different aspects of this song are really good. I like how the instruments change every once in a while. The volume is really good; you can hear the singer and understand the lyrics and at the same time hear the instruments.

Rating: 7
This is a song many people like. I like the "fuzz" in the chorus, and the verses lead into it very well. The singer should sing with more dynamics, because he is a little loud in the verses as compared to the chorus, but I would give it a favorable rating. This is a tune plenty of listeners could enjoy, even if it's not their music.

Rating: 6
The instrumental part fits quite nicely with this song in general. The vocalist of this song sounds passionate and should not be changed. The lyrics from the most part I could hear is decent. I do think the clapping is cliché though and should probably be changed. Overall this is well made to me.

Rating: 6
This is a couple’s song. This tune is sad. The singer has a strong voice. I don't bother with these types of songs. I wouldn't listen to this song if I heard it on the radio only because it puts me in a sad mood. It's a quality song. The artist sounds nice. I just don't like these types of songs.

Rating: 6
Love the slow jams, RnB vibes behind this song. Vocalist definitely reminds me of Adam Levine or someone similar, I’m not a huge fan of that type of vocalizing but I know that it's very popular right now and I can definitely see the appeal of this artist. Definitely can see this artist going places.

Rating: 6
The instrumental is slow in tempo with a well-played chord of key stroking; the beat changes adding the sounds of snapping and a more enriched key stroking. The vocals are good. The artist sings in more high notes than regular notes. The background singers add flare to the track with their voices. I like the way the lyrics express love and true feelings. There are some off-key notes around some of the vocals but for the most part, this artist has natural talent.

Rating: 5
This song is very cheesy, but has a very good voice. The main beat has clicks in it. The intro singers add up to the overall effect. The song is sweet and gentle. It’s all about falling in love and romance. I like this song.

Rating: 5
I'm not a big fan of the whooo hoooaaa in the beginning of this track. The piano playing in the background does not match this song at all. It sounds like this guy didn't really care too much of what people was going to think of his work because he didn't take his time with the beat or the overall composer of this song.

Rating: 5
The vocals on this track have an issue with pitch and control. They have potential and do improve slightly as the track progresses the artist sounds as if he is pushing too hard. It also does not match the rhythm of the instrumental. The instrumental is good; the rhythm is smooth and engaging using a few instruments to create a great sound. But it is overpowered by the vocals. There is also no hook in the song to make it memorable. With work it could be a good song but it needs work.

Rating: 5
I like the melody of the song. Initially it doesn't sound to original, but it does through in some chord progressions that I wasn't expecting. I like that. Vocals are average on the song. Voice is OK, but not anything special...at least in this song. I don't care for the vocals on the song.

Rating: 5
The piano in the background sounded so magical to be honest. I like the old school kind of feel with this song. I was very disappointed when the artist’s vocals came in because I felt as if they were just screaming and not singing. The ruined the song for me. I did like the music in the back quite a bit though and like the mixture of instruments, it worked very well.

Rating: 5
The beginning for this track is a violin and the way the strings play with the piano is just so classy. The piano has a lot of personality and I think the keys blend with the snapping and the slight bass thump. The male singer has a really annoying voice to me. the lyrics are pretty boring though.

Rating: 4
The piano and string instruments together are pure heaven for me. I'm not a fan of the vocals though. In the beginning before he started singing words was really good and then it just went down hill from there. He somehow sounds nasal and raspy at the same time and it isn't a very appealing sound. [May I just listen to the background instrumentals?] Those are pure gold. If the vocals were better this would easily get at least a 7.

Rating: 3
Loving the piano from this song. The singer has a weird voice. The recording is very good. But the instruments are louder than the artist voice. This singer is not good at all. When he tries to hit high notes he is failing. But at lest the instruments are good they make up for how bad the singer is.

Rating: 2
The piano in this song was very capturing. It made this song have a really good charm to it. Sadly, the vocals were very horrible. The singer sings way too high like he is trying too hard, it is very distracting and hurts my ears. It does not fit this song. In the middle of the song the melody becomes messy, there is too much going on. It's too confusing and does not sound right.

Rating: 1
At the start of the song, I get the feeling of a shapeless melody, because the notes are so unexpected that your mind is on edge, constantly going back to the song, adding mental tension, not good for good listening, in my opinion. The vocals may be bad but the lyrics are thought provoking and meaningful, I can see that this artist really put some heart into writing the song. I feel that the instrumental accompaniments were plain and predictable, you knew what was coming next and the rhythms were simple and repetitive.

Rating: 1
Lovely piano sound and choice of chords to start the track, unfortunately, as soon as the male vocals start the track, along with the backing vocals, it really doesn't work. His put on accent, quite frankly really doesn't work. For a UK market especially, this will be picked up on immediately. Sorry, but for me, after the opening piano melody, the track then doesn’t work.

Rating: 1
There is a soft instrumental in the introduction of this song that leads to an overwhelmingly lacking and drowning male lead vocal verse. The volume ratio seems just a tad bit off, but the simple and soft instrumental mixed with a raspy male vocal do not compliment each other very well; this song could certainly use some work.

Rating: 0
I like how this song sounds jazzy and bluesy. However, I don't like the vocals. I feel like the artist is singing through his nose. The song is very positive, but the melody and vibe is so soft that I don't like the strength of the vocals. It sounds like the artist is straining and it doesn't fit to me. I don't really like how the jazz sound is meshing with the RnB sound. I'm not crazy about this song.